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Hafizabad Organization is a free and Premium Business Listing Directory website that collects information of Businesses and services within Hafizabad District.
  • This is the first Directory website of Hafizabad District.
  • You can use Hafizabad.org Website from any device whether Laptop, Desktop, or Smartphone and computer.
  • The sole purpose of this website ( Hafizabad.org ) is to provide convenience to the public of Hafizabad District, so that, people can easily get the Address or Contact number of any private or government sector firm from their home.
  • This can facilitate specially the people of villages, for example, if someone lives in village and needs information about a doctor or want appointment, he will be able to find out that whole information by Cell phone from Home, instead of coming to the city to find out.
  • So Please, share your business or service information with me through WhatsApp, to make it easier for people to reach you. It is free of cost.
  • Your kind response is awaited, Thanks and Regards:

Iftikhar Ali : Creator of Hafizabad.org

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Founder and Developer of Hafizabad.org

Iftikhar Ali
Iftikhar Ali - Bachelor of Science in Computer Sciences

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