Hafizabad District Introduction :

Hafizabad is an old city and was made a District of Punjab Province in 1993 before it was a tehsil of Gujranwala District. Hafizabad is surrounded by District Gujranwala toward the east, area Jhang and Sargodha and the River Chenab toward the west, region Faisalabad toward the south, region Mandi BahaoDeen and Chenab River toward the North west, and by region Sheikhupura toward the south east. Population of this district is 1,156,957 according to 2017 report. The Hafizabad District has a total area of 2367 square Kilometers and followings are two Tehsil of this District

  1. Pindi Bhattian
  2. Hafizabad
Ghora Chowk Hafizabad

Hafizabad Railway Station:

Hafizabad City has just a single Railway station which is old but completely Functional. It was August 1895, when first time railroad line was done from District Wazirabad to Hafizabad. There are also other railway stations in District Hafizabad, for example, Kaleki Mandi Railway station and Ali Pur Chatha Railway station, which are situated in Towns of this District. Presently various trains like Pakistan Express, Rehman Baba Express, and Sir Syed Express pass through Hafizabad City railway station to facilitate People.

Hafizabad District Railway Station

Agriculture: Rice and Wheat Corps is the main Agriculture production of this District Moreover, Sugarcane, Bajra, Tobacco, Maize, Jawar, Mash, Oil Seed, for example, Rape/Mustard and Sunflower are likewise filled in minor amounts in Hafizabad District.
Main Fruits Production: Guavas and Citrus are fundamental fruit products grown in the area. Moreover, Mango, Banana, Peaches, Jaman and pomegranate are also grown here.
Vegetables Production: Potatoes, Onion, Cauliflower and Peas are the main vegetable which are widely produced in this District. Carrot, Chilies, Tomatoes, Garlic and Ladyfinger are also grown in small quantity.

Power Loom industry is significant business in Hafizabad city. District Hafiz Abad’s Power Loom industry is straightforwardly associated with Faisalabad, the major industrial city in Pakistan.

Hafizabad District Information